Practice Areas

McIlroy and Millan conducts an extensive civil and criminal law practice in Northeast Missouri including Pike and Lincoln counties and occasionally other counties as might be required.  Our practice includes consultation and advice relating to any and all problems or concerns you might have including the following:

Personal Injury

Including injuries resulting from improperly manufactured or designed products, slips and falls, assaults and vehicular collisions.  We are also employed to defend such cases.

Professional Negligence

Includes injuries and damages suffered as a result of malpractice by professionals such as doctors and dentists.

Estate Planning

Including recommendations as to the best plan for our clients on an individual basis.  This includes living trusts, wills, beneficiary deeds, powers of attorney and health care directives.

Real Estate Law

Including contracts, deeds, leases, notes and mortgages, landlord/tenant matters, like-kind exchanges, and condemnation.

Family Law

Including dissolution of marriages, modification of divorce decrees, adoptions, name changes, paternity, custody and support matters.

Financial Law

Including representation of banks and financial institutions and general legal financial advice to individuals and corporations.

Corporate & Business law

Including the organization of corporations, LLCs, and partnerships, preparation of record books and related matters, and on-going business advice and assistance.

Governmental Law

Including representation of cities.  We are acquainted with matters that affect them and their citizens.

Workers' Compensation

Claims for injuries while at work.

Defense of Criminal Cases

Felonies and misdemeanors in both the Circuit and Associate Circuit Courts.


Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help you avoid and solve legal problems effectively and efficiently.  We have the experience to provide that service to you and a support staff to help you and us toward that end.  We want to maintain a personal “small firm” approach to serving our clients and all of us are qualified to serve the needs of our clients.

We are accessible and responsive.  The attorneys at McIlroy and Millan will work hard to find creative solutions to fulfill your immediate and long term goals.  We know that our clients’ needs are often best served by avoiding litigation, but at the same time our attorneys will zealously protect your interests if a lawsuit is necessary.

We recognize that if you come to us with a problem it is important to you and it will be important to us.  We will act promptly and responsibly in your best interests.

Our History

John M. McIlroy Sr. began the practice of law in Bowling Green in 1946 when he became associated in that practice with United States Senator Edward V. Long.  The partnership of Long and McIlroy was dissolved in 1952 when Senator Long ceased the practice of law to devote himself exclusively to politics.

James Millan joined Mr. McIlroy in the practice in 1955 establishing the firm of McIlroy and Millan.  William C. McIlroy joined the firm in 1965.  John M. McIlroy Jr. joined the firm in 1968 and became “Of Counsel” with the firm upon his retirement in 2005.

Malaine P. Hagemeier joined the firm in 2003.  James D. Burlison joined the firm in 1997 and retired from the firm in 2019. The firm has been located at 220 West Church Street in Bowling Green since 1946. 


Your fee arrangement and the manner in which you will be charged and billed will be explained to you when you employ the firm of McIlroy and Millan.  Certain types of cases require a given fee arrangement; however, hourly rate, contingent percentage and fixed sum are different types of fee arrangements which may be available.  We will offer you that which is most appropriate and beneficial to you.  Please feel free to ask about any fee questions you have.


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